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Turns out Barack Obama really just wants to be down with GOOD music. After getting rejected a few times by Kanye West he has made some public verbal remarks about his fellow Chicagoan being a “Jackass”. Kanye decided to take the high road and responded by releasing a new song entitled “What You Talking Bout Barack”, which will be featured on his latest album “Back To School, I Aint No Fool”.

After trying to keep it on the low for quite some time. Morgan Freeman comes out and lets the public know he “doesn’t care what you think.”  He went on to say that after starring in the film “Wanted” he realized that he can pretty much do whatever he wants and still get paid. So why not. What do you think?


Turns out Mel Gibson actually loves Jews and has no idea why everyone wants to drag his name through the mud. In a heart felt one on one interview with today, Mel Gibson sincerely said in his Braveheart voice ” I love Jews, Always Have”. We believe Mel, do you?

Jennifer Lopez’s new boyfriend Casper Smart comes out of the closet. ” I was Gay “.